Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A two for one Family special! Family Photographer, Southwest Texas

I'm so excited about both these sets of pictures! Both of these families have impacted me in special ways and I love them both so dearly! They are both pictures of Christ love and have made me feel a part of their own families. Insert heart eyes emoji here.

First up, the Preston's. Pat and Meg recently welcomed sweet baby Asher in December and this was their first time to get family pictures as the #prestonpartyofsix. I would tell you more about them but I think this post would turn into a sappy fest real quick, so without further ado, check out the Preston family pics:

Next up is the Lay family! Wow, not going to go on long about them either because let's be real, I will probably cry. The Lay's have been my home away from home here in Columbus, but have officially moved to Tyler. They wanted to have some pictures in their incredible tree house that Jeff built in their backyard here in Columbus, before closing on their house. These people are some of the best people, so check out their sweet family pics below!

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<3 Ashley