Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thesis, March 2013

Hey guys! I wanted to share what I've finally accomplished in my Fine Arts degree which is my Thesis Exhibition which happened a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I'd share the actual images on here! This collection of images is pretty much the culmination of all I've worked for for the past four years. Below is my statement about this project and below that are all the images that I exhibited plus a few extras that didn't hang but that I still love. Hope you enjoy! 
Sorry for all the logos, I just want to make sure and protect my images! 

 Somewhere in my Memory
     Lights that dance across the wall, a ladder leaning in our garage shortly after use, collections of objects from years past in colorful assortment, these images make up my photographic dedication to my past. Within the walls of my parents’ and grandparents’ homes, lessons were learned, love was freely given, and support existed everyday. Growing up I never knew how fleeting those moments were and how much they would eventually mean. The spaces within these homes set the background of what still exists somewhere in my memory.
     These photographs exist as a symphony of dedication, a musical of imagery, made up of melancholy chords and crescendos and some of the softest moments and some of the hardest passages. Careful study of the rooms and what exists within them helps me see them from a new perspective of thanksgiving. Color film has become my tool of choice in an effort to preserve what has already begun fading away and to capture the momentary beauty hidden within these homes. Film presents these compositions with an heir of nostalgia and history.
     Digital photography has swiftly taken over modern day photography causing film to become a thing of the past. The process that comes with developing film conceptually translates into the heart and soul of growing up. It is a process that takes time and care and can often be frustrating and difficult, but much worth the wait in the end. 

"Wood Shop", Archival Inkjet Print
"Sunday Afternoon", Archival Inkjet Print

"Afternoon Performances", Archival Inkjet Print
"Granny's Window",  Archival Inkjet Print
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"Thanksgiving Dinner", Archival Inkjet Print

"Front Door", Archival Inkjet Print

"Den Mirror", Archival Inkjet Print
"4:30 pm", Archival Inkjet Print

"Everything In Its Place", Archival Inkjet Print

"Garage Floor", Archival Inkjet Print
"Collected", Archival Inkjet Print
"Monday", Archival Inkjet Print
"Ford", Archival Inkjet Print

And the Extras: 
"Fall", Archival Inkjet Print
"Chandelier", Archival Inkjet Print 
"Blinds", Archival Inkjet Print
"Preparations", Archival Inkjet 
"Roof Over My Head", Archival Inkjet Print

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lynley-Love, Senior Session, Oxford, MS

Hey guys! This is Lynley-Love. She is an absolute cutie and was so easy to photograph! We had fun on a train track with abandoned train cars and other spots around Oxford. Ole Miss watch out because you have another beauty headed your way! Check out her full post: 


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